Words and world climate, polar bears and paint

Today was a wordy kind of day.

It started with two of our younger siblings both in their literary numeracy playing a riveting game of scrabble, this is significant because as we all know siblings can be somewhat prone to disagreements… so today’s scrabble was a great learning experience – both in language and in keeping the peace between siblings. They learn so much from play not only language but emotional and social skills too.

In a group discussion this morning one of our facilitators asked the loaded question… why should we turn off lights?

The discussion started with lots of obvious answers: save money, save electricity etc., until one of teens threw in “to save the polar bears, of course” What? Really? This led us down a path of climate change (global warming?) What is it? What alternatives to coal are there? What is available in South Africa? What is CO2? What is Methane? We chatted about Greta Thunberg, the 15 year old girl taking a stand for climate change.

The conversation led to emotions and how climate change and abusing our planet was making some of our members feel angry and sad.

What is the difference between heat and temperature? (I’m still not sure I know the difference) This involvedĀ  mathematics and hypothetical experiments that had us all baffled initially… until of course it all started to make sense.

This discussion led our resident scientist to explain how this hurts and heals the planet, how the damage to the Ozone layer is not getting worse…on the contrary it’s repairing itself and then somehow we got onto veganism and its pros and cons.

In between all of this we had some drawing and painting and incredible creativity suddenly spring to life.

It was an interesting day of literature, learning, debates, science, art and emotions.

Just another day here at Freerange.

P.S. After the gumboot dancing session I realised that gumboot dancing is MUCH harder than it looks!