Time for CHANGE UP!

This week at Freerange was one that embodied a refreshing sense of agile learning. An issue was brought up regarding our space and the way it looks.

Evidently, someone was unhappy but as soon as we found out, we did what we do to change that.

When brought to our attention, ownership was taken and an immediate meeting among the members was held. The meeting consisted of one member leading the pack, while every other member gave their opinion in terms of how they feel about how their space looks and how to make it a place that spawns a smile when seen.

While problems arose, solutions were effortlessly shot out. This process was so exhilarating that members felt inspired to get up and at ’em shortly after their meeting to beautify their space!

The magic of self direction was all over the playground – conversations that started as arguments, chaos that quickly changed into cooperation between differently aged children with vastly different aesthetic taste. There was conflict and then compromise. The principle of patience was in the atmosphere as the members took their time with their ‘Extreme Makeover: Playground Edition’.

The process was anything but tedious. The members had the most fun using their imaginations and they were thorough. Each member knew exactly what they wanted to do and how to go about it while keeping in mind the common goal; to make our space exactly that – OUR space.

As part of our problem solving process we brainstorm ideas and possible solutions. No matter how weird or crazy and as many as possible. Often a few of these get merged together into a single solution or new agreement.