Perceptions and interpretations

Ten people in the same space will all experience something different. Our perceptions and interpretations are unique.

This week I asked the team to each give me a few lines of reflection and/or feedback. I find it so inspiring to see the different points of view, experiences and insight. This is what they wrote.

Nokwanda – This week the group really got a chance to be a debate group, isn’t that beautiful? We have a question box:  we agreed to draw a question maybe twice a week, but now the group wants to do it almost every day and we all get excited to hear the question. They ask interesting questions and the beautiful thing is that everyone is confident enough to comment.

Dave – What do ecosystems and tea and toast have in common? Systems thinking. Are we part of a computer simulation? Systems thinking. Do fish get thirsty? Systems thinking. Baking – project management. World map – project management. Once the members’ eyes are opened to systems and project management, they start to see it all around them.

Siya – This week was about working together. Everyone was contributing or supporting each other. We started a collaborative art project. We played two matches of soccer and even had spectators.

And so it’s my turn and I realise it’s rather difficult to put it in a ‘few’ lines; there’s so much I’d like to say. This week has been a turning point for me – my newly learned communication skills work! (more about that in another post). It’s been a week full of ‘wow’ moments. A younger member opening up about a nightmare and sharing his utter feeling of terror. Teens helping littlies in a baking project. Our youngest member remembering her words (perfectly!) in concert practice. A teen taking over the position of “school” nurse. Seeing team members apply new skills. Collaborative conversations with parents.

Oops, I think I’ve run out of lines! I’ll leave you with just one more…