Freerange IS poetry!

21 August World poetry day … Freerange word storm. We sat in a circle, each member gave a word and then we looked for synonyms. This is written in exactly the order it came out. Wordstorm poetry is simply a group brainstorm turned into poetry. Poetry is playing with words, using techniques such as rhyme Read more about Freerange IS poetry![…]

Perfection in Partnerships

Julie Bogart once said, “collaboration requires presence, not help… our job is to partner”. At Freerange, we fully encourage partnerships that will allow both our members as well as facilitators the opportunity to learn through collaboration. This week, we experienced these partnerships on a daily basis, whether it was Siya and Marco crafting a shield Read more about Perfection in Partnerships[…]

Perceptions and interpretations

Ten people in the same space will all experience something different. Our perceptions and interpretations are unique. This week I asked the team to each give me a few lines of reflection and/or feedback. I find it so inspiring to see the different points of view, experiences and insight. This is what they wrote. Nokwanda Read more about Perceptions and interpretations[…]