Education is not preparation for life. education is life itself.

Freerange Education is...

Go tofor homeschoolers aged 5 to 16

for homeschoolers aged 5 to 16

Preschool & mainstream school support can be found in abundance. We aim to support homeschoolers aged 5-16 for whom there is little organised and professional support at present.

Go tofor working parents who…

for working parents who…

…still have a passionate desire to homeschool their child/ren. We provide a supportive learning environment for your homeschooled child/ren while you fulfill your work obligations.

Go toguided by principles of Wellbeing

guided by principles of Wellbeing

The 8 ways to wellbeing: Nature, Relaxation, Recreation, Nutrition, Exercise, Giving Back & Spirituality. We all need a balanced amount of each to make ourselves healthier and happier.

Go toa learner-centred team effort

a learner-centred team effort

We aim to nurture natural curiosity and cultivate a lifelong love for learning. We recognise each young person as an individual, and strive to support their unique path of self-discovery.

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"It takes a village to raise a child." ~ African Proverb

Sanna Atherton

Working & Homeschooling Mom
I’m a mom! Who loves all things real and wholesome. The word freerange makes me think about cute chickens scratching for worms in natural surroundings, happy and care free. I wish for my children to be freerange too.


Tutor & Freerange “Rock”
I’m Winnie! I’m a mom, and I am at the Freerange Centre five (5) days a week, so I’m the one who holds things together and keeps the other tutors informed about changes and developments through the week.

Sarah Nussear

Montessori Teacher & Special Ed.
I’m Sarah! I just moved here from the States. I took my early studies in Australia, & have a Masters Degree in Children’s Literature. I’ve worked as a Rural Education Volunteer in Zambia, & most recently I worked at ‘Montessori In Redlands’.


We’re on Your Team
YOU are the most important member of your child’s homescholling/unschooling team, and we look forward to supporting and assisting you…

Be Smart. Be Informed.

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