Education is not preparation for life. education is life itself.

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Go to for SDE families with children aged 5-18

for SDE families with children aged 5-18

Freerange is an open learning space for self-directed education. Freerange is a part of a global network called Agile Learning Centers. Agile Learning Centers are on a mission to restore the joy of learning with a surprisingly effective educational approach: intentional culture supporting self-directed learning reinforced by agile management tools.

Go to for working parents who…

for working parents who…

…are looking for a child centered approach or a space in which their children can self directed their learning journey. We provide the space while you fulfill your work obligation.

Go to guided by principles of Wellbeing

guided by principles of Wellbeing

The 8 ways to wellbeing: Nature, Relaxation, Recreation, Nutrition, Exercise, Giving Back & Spirituality. We all need a balanced amount of each to make ourselves healthier and happier.

Go to a learner-centred team effort

a learner-centred team effort

We aim to nurture natural curiosity and cultivate a lifelong love for learning. We recognise each young person as an individual, and strive to support their unique path of self-discovery.

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"It takes a village to raise a child." ~ African Proverb


Founder & Mom
I’m a mom! Who loves all things real and wholesome. The word freerange makes me think about cute chickens scratching for worms in natural surroundings, happy and care free. I wish for my children to be freerange too.


I’m 25 years old and a mother to a 9 year old boy. I’m strong, independent and passionate about helping others. At Freerange, I can answer my calling. It’s an open, comfortable and free space in which children develop and learn naturally. In all areas of life. At Freerange, my positive, adventurous and energetic character is right at home. Together with the children, we explore many opportunities and dance to the beat of the world.


I started out as a geography teacher. Geography needs to be taught in the environment, seizing the moment, to nurture observant and engaged human beings. In a long classroom career I also had stints in history, technology, natural science (including physics, chemistry, life science and earth science) maths and computer literacy and was always depressed by the endless, mindless worksheets that other teachers seemed to regard as leading edge pedagogy. Watching the sparkle go out of enthusiastic Grade 8’s in a matter of months of joining high school was a puzzle that seemed to permeate every school, from the very best independent schools to the most poorly resourced deep rural institutions. I was always on the lookout for a ‘better way’ and was constantly experimenting with simulations, games, drama, story-telling, systems analysis and field research (not field trips). Disengaged Gr 10s found themselves rapping their own environmental poetry; Grade 8s wrote the ‘Wetland Symphony’ of imitated bird calls and the wind rustling the reeds; Grade 9’s had buckets over water thrown over them to simulate the unpredictability of natural events. No notes, no worksheets. Just lots of questions – students’ questions – and matric results that proved the point beyond doubt. Freerange offers exactly the kind of vision and environment that I have dreamed about, where brains are free to grow, to experiment, to question and debate. Already I see the difference between the Freerange children and their stifled, lock-stepped mainstream peers. As a passionate teacher of science and a student of learning science, I am looking forward to contributing to the success of Freerange in any way I can. David Gear Education Services BSc (Witwatersrand) Hons HED (UNISA) Member in good standing: SACE


I always wanted to help children find their unique learning style while discovering the world. At freerange, I am living my dream! Facilitating learning in a freerange environment, allows me to integrate what I’m passionate about, into every single day.

Be Smart. Be Informed.

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